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tv   [untitled]    July 19, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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ivory about your relationship with ross? >> as a friend, she shared with me saying is about ivory, and i said of course. >> i am asking the new share incidents relating to your relationship with ross? >> yes. >> how frequently did you do that in the 12 months prior to december 31 chairman -- december 31? >> if you check that e-mails, they are over a year, so that means i was checking yesterday. that means these are now one or two e-mails. most of them are in march, when
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we were back and forth e-mails, because she suggested we look for a cleaner together so it will be cheaper, a person who comes a few hours to her mom and a few hours to my home, so most of the e-mails were in march, but most of them were two or three each month. that means we see each other every saturday, but it was not that i was visiting her. in december common after she held ross with money, i remember to say, we should start to be nicer, because they look like now they are trying to be with us. she was calling a lot of time, and i have a lot of calls from her, and i did not answer.
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it is not like we were talking every day or once a week. it is likewise per month. -- it is about twice per month. >> i am not asking about e- mails. you met with ivory from time to time and discussed with her problems you were having in your relationship with ross? >> the only problems are shared were the problems in the e- mails. the only information i shared with her. >> you said maybe it is two or three times a month? >> yes. >> in any of those occasions when you were sharing those problems, did you tell her you were sharing them with her because she was an attorney? >> no.
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>> it is because she was a friend, and she considered you a friend. >> yes. >> on december 31, your discussion, which usa was initiated by her was not a conversation where you had gone to her and said, i want to hire you as my lawyer and tell you about an incident? >> i did not use that. the same way as with pawlentula. >> on january 4, you had a discussion, or you texted ms. haynes because you wanted to
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talk to her about the incident. is that correct? >> yes. >> you were fairly consistent with trying to reach her for that purpose? were you not? >> yes, i wanted to realize that was really a domestic violence. >> had you ever prior to the time you were texting her about is, had you ever spoken to ms. haynes about your personal relationship with ross democrats know, just comments during the campaign. everybody gets sick, and no one can follow iis reason.
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that kind of thing. >> you never had more than a 40 minute conversation with ms. haynes, and in that conversation, did you describe what had happened on december 31? >> yes. >> what if any response did she give to you when you told her those facts? >> what was her response to? >> what did she say in response? >> she was asking more questions, and she was explaining domestic violence is a lot of things, so to know you are in a domestic violence situation implied a lot of different things, so just one isolated thing, maybe it is not.
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however, that does not mean it is right. it is wrong, and you need to be very serious and take this very serious, and we need to take ross to counseling, because he has to realize this is wrong. >> of the end of that conversation, did you ask her to do anything to assist you? >> if i asked her for assistance gunma? >> yes. >> no, i asked her about being private or public. then she called me again and said, that is public. goross is a sheriff, so maybe we need something private to help with privacy, and she called me
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later and said, i have been thinking maybe you need a family, not just a couple. you need something with the family. >> i am not sure i understood the first thing you said. you said she suggested doing what? going to a therapist and? >> she was recommending a therapist? yes. it is better for a family. she said that is something public, and we want to keep it private. >> was she the one who suggested maybe you should keep it private rather than going public? >> i do not want anyone to know. i did not want to be exposed in
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this wave. good -- in this way. likes is she the one that suggested it was a private -- >> is she the one that suggested it was a private 7? -- it was a private? perhaps i think it was a conversation between both of us -- >> i think it was a conversation between both of us. she said, that is public, and that is for everybody, and i do not want that. >> at that time you had that conversation with ms. haynes, had you told ross you had discussed the incident with your neighbor? >> i told him on january 4 in the afternoon when i met him on
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the street around 4:00 or 5:00. wax before that, had you ever advised him -- >> before that had you ever invites you had told two neighbors? did you tell ross at any time? >> no. >> did you have a conversation with ms. haynes where you put your neighbor on the telephone? >> yes. >> why did you do that? >> i thought she was not understanding what i was trying to say, so i said lynn net new the incident, because i explained it to her -- linnette
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knew the incident because i explained it to her. >> in this second conversation wtiith ms. haynes was the first time you found out the police had been informed? >> yes, five minutes before. >> you have learned that from ivory? >> she found me in the street and said, you are going to kill me. i just call the police, and the police is coming. >> you had a series following that conversation -- you had a series of conversations on the afternoon of january 4.
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what was the substance of those conversations amonte -- of those conversations? >> after i knew about ivory calling the police, i felt betrayed. i felt that i'd betrayed ross. i was afraid of what was going to happen with theo. i was panicking. >> you were very upset this was possibly going to become a matter of public knowledge. is that correct? >> yes. >> is it fair to say all the conversations you had with ms. haynes from that point on,
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january 4, were primarily talking about how can we stop this from blowing up? i said that point, no. -- at that point, no. i was talking about what would happen. she told me this was confidential, and when i was walking to city hall, she realized, the video, so at some point i was walking to the city hall. i had to know what i was going to do. i did not know what to do. >> all i am talking about is focusing on your conversations. there were a number of conversations with ms. haynes, some of which were on january 4, some of which were initiated by
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you, and some of which were initiated by her, and is it fair to say the substance was trying to figure out how you could deal with this problem? >> i think we start to think what we are going to do around 7:00 p.m. comment on -- around 7:00 p.m., when she called me and said, ross is not answering, and both of you need lawyers. i said, of course. and we need a lawyer. before 7:00 p.m. was just how this could happen, how i could trust it, how she could do this. called ross. did you get him?
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>> i would direct your attention to exhibit 80, which the council asked you about, and i think you have a copy, and if you would look -- >> i gave you that back, right? >> i am happy to try to locate that particular message. faxes from january 4 until 6:01 p.m. -- >> it is from january 4 until 6:01 p.m. >> if you read it, i know what you are talking about. >> you text, do not write any
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other things. answer because -- the call. what were you referring to when you said that? >> i think it was about lawyers, or she was trying to reach him, so when she could not reach him, she was calling me, and at this point i was with theo, so i was not able to talk much. >> is it your testimony that the vices you were talking about was the suggestion -- the advice you were talking about was the suggestion that you need lawyers. >> i think so. i think she was trying to tell me, i am trying to call him, and he is not answering. i am saying, please answer lin
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nette. >> why it did you say, and do not write any other thing? >> at this point i was on skype with my brother, and he said, close the facebook page, because after this, you do not know what people can write or say. do not talk about anything. do not write anything, and he never answers the phone, and he connects through text messages. i said, do not write anything. clearly he did not follow my advice. >> do you think your conversation with your brother was before you send this
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message? >> i clearly maremember my brother saying, shut down your facebook page. >> as far as the timing of that call, would it refresh your recollection if you look at the document dated january 5, the next day, you have to close the comments in facebook so no one can make a comment. our phone may already be checked. was that the message you sent following the conversation with your brother? >> yes, because he did not close anything. >> that was a day later? ataxia's. -- >> yes.
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>> thank you, ms. lopez. >> did you have any questions? new >> no. >> i have no questions. >> thank you for flying all the way out here. we appreciate you being here. the witness is excuse. we are going to take a short break for the court reporter, and we are going to do a little rearranging, so let's get back here at 8:25.
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>> ok, we are back in session.
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the next thing on the agenda is the objections to be testimony. mr. kobb, we be making those? >> yes, and there is an overarching declaration, we see this as a tangential evidence as far as expert testimony. there is a specific objection. this is an undue consumption of time for everybody and a waste of resources, and if this i transcript of testimony is admitted, it will likely necessitate us offering at least one additional declaration from a witness that we had not thought that we would need as part of the record. so